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We all deserve safety and to be included in each job we take on.

Together, let’s make that happen.

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As a Consultant, Advocate, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, I guide professionals to self-advocate by providing resources and collaborative discussions to implement personal values into their profession or workplace. With over a decade of experience in the film industry and other industries, I work with individuals and teams in film and entertainment, nonprofits, beauty and retail, and more. My spaces are prioritized for female-identifying, non-binary, gender nonconforming, transgender, and marginalized folks of all races and identities.

In 2018 I co-founded and co-ran a community collective called Color Film where we provided in-person workshops and resources to marginalized filmmakers to self-advocate for themselves in the film industry. Since August 2020 Color Film activity has been paused due to the pandemic. Today, I continue to facilitate live webinars and workshops via my Patreon where I focus on dismantling toxic mindsets in the workplace by replacing them with thriving tools and actions to self-advocate as a professional.

In addition to Color Film and my Patreon, I have been fortunate to speak on platforms like The Bechdel Cast, Female Voices Rock, Creative Neighbors, Career Contessa, and more.

Patreon/Online Membership

  • Join my Patreon, where I host workshops, share resources, offer monthly consultations, and more.

Workshop Facilitator

  • Provide resources and ideas to implement self-worth and personal values into our professions. My workshops are for individuals of any level of any career / BIPOC + folks pushed to the margins and minority demographic of their career or field of interest. Inquire within for more info.

1:1 Private Consulting

  • Personal sessions for BIPOC and marginalized folks to explore their own self-worth and implement their values into their professions.

Build Your Services & Rates Package Course

  • Together we’ll build your new and confident services & rates package for future clientele and employers. In this course we’ll create your own unique rate calculator, assess your professional costs, create your go-to grid, and get you paid your worth. This is a private 1:1 course.


  • Public speaking and engagement about self-advocating, community, and wellness as a professional.
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Amazing! Having D’arby to talk with and help problem solve has been indispensable. Having D’arby in your corner helps keep everyone safe and on track.

– Nicholas, Crew Assistance

D’arby went above and beyond during my 1-on-1 course. I learned an unbelievable amount in such a short time and I think that speaks to the passion she brings to empowering others while being completely REAL and approachable. Her energy is contagious and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my own projects and life! Will be recommending a course with D’arby to all the freelancers & creatives I know.

– Lola, Build Services & Rates Package Course

It was very informative with a quick turnaround. Very thorough with room to ask questions along with not being too overwhelming. Appreciated the next day follow up that also included PDFs and editable docs that was used during the session so I can go back reference anything I may have missed and/or forgotten.

– Tracy, Private Consultation

Excellent! She answered all of my questions and provided exceptional resources. I would highly recommend her services.

– Hazel, Employment Guidance

Fantastic! D’arby was very helpful in providing constructive feedback on my project, as well as guidance for how best to move forward. I felt even more inspired with my work after speaking with her and would be very happy to work with her again.

– Coady, Creative Consultation for Video Project