Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker (and Video Artist.)

D’arby Rose Consulting is dedicated to guiding and supporting individuals to self-advocate in their professional environments. Through private 1:1 consultation sessions, shared resources, and workshops, she empowers individuals and communities with skills and knowledge to navigate workplace challenges and foster self-confidence. By providing tailored consultation services, she’s driven to create a positive and increased impact on both self and collective advocating for inclusivity and equity in professional environments.

D’arby (she/they) is a Black, white, and Mexican-mixed, queer, neurodivergent person, with a decade plus of film and entertainment industry experience and almost two decades experience working in amerikkka’s capitalist system. She was born and raised in Oakland, CA and the Bay Area and then resided in Los Angeles for twelve years as a lover and admirer of the non-entertainment parts of the city that deserve more love, attention, and funding. Outside of encouraging and empowering folks to self-advocate at work, she likes to chill out, read, be outside, listen to music too loudly, watch reality TV, edit videos, or anything fun with friends.

All services are prioritized for (but not limited to) BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and/or disabled folks. 

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  • Be your authentic self in your day job / workplace / professional environment
  • Set and standby boundaries
  • Decolonize* your mind while working in capitalism and keeping your job so you can pay that rent
  • Normalize being a human and the collective radical work being done to dismantle white supremacy at work

* this is ongoing work, not a one-time thing, and not all of the work is going to happen during my consultations and workshops. I contribute only a tiny slice of pie of work to the big collective radical world of work currently happening, that has been happening, and will continue to happen.

Core Values:

  • Capitalism and white supremacy must be dismantled – to get there we must come together into the same collective consciousness about this radical goal (but isn’t being radical really just wanting basic human needs???), but in the meantime capitalism will continue, imperialism will crumble and scramble, and rent will continue to be due. This work has taken time (thank you to those before us who have started and driven the work) and will continue to take time (thank you to those who do this work today and for the future.)
  • As we cannot lean on our government and white supremacist-created institutions to make real inclusive change, we also cannot lean on our employers and managers to make real inclusive change in our workplace (unless they are willing to make radical changes themselves personally and then professionally.) We must reclaim our power collectively.
  • Neurodiversity and disabilities must be included more in DEI work.
  • We all deserve to be included in any and all spaces.
  • We have the power and deserve to be authentic and accommodated in all ways in our jobs.

Amazing! Having D’arby to talk with and help problem solve has been indispensable. Having D’arby in your corner helps keep everyone safe and on track.

– Nicholas, Crew Assistance

D’arby went above and beyond during my 1-on-1 course. I learned an unbelievable amount in such a short time and I think that speaks to the passion she brings to empowering others while being completely REAL and approachable. Her energy is contagious and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my own projects and life! Will be recommending a course with D’arby to all the freelancers & creatives I know.

– Lola, Build Services & Rates Package Course

It was very informative with a quick turnaround. Very thorough with room to ask questions along with not being too overwhelming. Appreciated the next day follow up that also included PDFs and editable docs that was used during the session so I can go back reference anything I may have missed and/or forgotten.

– Tracy, Private Consultation

Excellent! She answered all of my questions and provided exceptional resources. I would highly recommend her services.

– Hazel, Employment Guidance

Fantastic! D’arby was very helpful in providing constructive feedback on my project, as well as guidance for how best to move forward. I felt even more inspired with my work after speaking with her and would be very happy to work with her again.

– Coady, Creative Consultation for Video Project

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