We all deserve safety and to be included in each job we take on. Together, let’s make that happen.

D’arby Rose Consulting

offers a range of services to support individuals in self-advocacy at work. These services include one-on-one consulting sessions, boundary setting workshops, and resource materials, aiming to equip folks with effective communication skills, confidence-building techniques, and strategies for navigating workplace dynamics, all and always as your authentic self.

These services are built and catered for:

  • Freelance and self-employed individuals looking for guidance and support in how to self-advocate in their work (from ”I’m new to this” level to “just brushing up my self-advocating skills” level.)
  • Company/organization employed individuals looking to make a difference and impact for both themself and their team/company.

All services are prioritized for (but not limited to) BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and/or disabled folks.

1:1 Private Consultations

Focused on advocating for yourself and others at work while staying authentic, dismantling capitalism, and keeping your job. This includes and is not limited to:

  • Sound boarding an idea / how to handle an issue or topic at work
  • Venting / Processing
  • Practice boundary setting
  • Gain resources / build tool kit for labor protection and advancement
  • Writing emails and correspondence quicker and more confidently
  • Multi-tasking, utilizing, and integrating multiple software and apps without burning out (i.e. Slack, google drive, Asana, etc.)
  • Starting a new job (is that contract signed? is that rate set and locked?)
  • Wrapping a job (has that final invoice been paid? do you have time to pause and reset for the next gig?)
  • Building a business and exploring side hustle ideas and how to start it up

Boundaries Workshop

Practice setting boundaries at/in your work while staying your authentic self with neurodivergence at the front. Boundaries are both No and Need and everyone deserves to feel safe, included, and accommodated regardless of what capitalism dictates in our individual and collective workspaces. In this workshop we will create community frameworks for the workshop space to then create and practice enacting our own individual boundaries.

I am also skilled and proficient in and offer consultations and basic trainings for the following software and applications (utilizing and integrating):

  • Documents – Google Docs, Sheets, Excel, Canva
  • Communication – Gmail, Slack, Discord
  • Project Management – Asana, Airtable
  • Video – Adobe Premiere

Stay tuned for more services!

Request a Consultation

Amazing! Having D’arby to talk with and help problem solve has been indispensable. Having D’arby in your corner helps keep everyone safe and on track.

– Nicholas, Crew Assistance

D’arby went above and beyond during my 1-on-1 course. I learned an unbelievable amount in such a short time and I think that speaks to the passion she brings to empowering others while being completely REAL and approachable. Her energy is contagious and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my own projects and life! Will be recommending a course with D’arby to all the freelancers & creatives I know.

– Lola, Build Services & Rates Package Course

It was very informative with a quick turnaround. Very thorough with room to ask questions along with not being too overwhelming. Appreciated the next day follow up that also included PDFs and editable docs that was used during the session so I can go back reference anything I may have missed and/or forgotten.

– Tracy, Private Consultation

Excellent! She answered all of my questions and provided exceptional resources. I would highly recommend her services.

– Hazel, Employment Guidance

Fantastic! D’arby was very helpful in providing constructive feedback on my project, as well as guidance for how best to move forward. I felt even more inspired with my work after speaking with her and would be very happy to work with her again.

– Coady, Creative Consultation for Video Project

Photo credit: Michelle Terris