Photo by Egla Tadesse

D’arby Rose works as a filmmaker, consultant, speaker, and artist. As a proud Virgo, she is passionate about intersectional feminism, self-advocating in the workplace, helping BIPOC and marginalized folks thrive, and her own self-care. Her roots are from Oakland, CA and the Bay Area and she has been based in Los Angeles since 2011.

As a filmmaker with a decade of experience working in the film industry, she focuses on music videos, genre-bending narratives, documentaries, and creative videos for individuals and entrepreneurs. She is a film director, producer, creative consultant, and editor. 

Her clientele and past employers include Junk Gypsy & HGTV, Rachel’s Network, Jill Killington (writer, producer of CBS “The Stand”), Saunders & James, Jennifer Carroll Foy & One Vote at a Time, BET (Her Awards 2018), JASH, Vanishing Angle, Mala Forever, Gavlyn & Pabst Blue Ribbon, and more.

As a consultant, speaker, and advocate, she helps guide BIPOC and marginalized folks to explore their own self-worth and implement their values into their professions. Her services include private consultations with BIPOC and marginalized folks, safety & inclusion consulting for film productions, and public speaking about community and wellness as a professional and in the film industry as well as other creative fields.

In early 2018 and until late 2020 she co-founded and ran a community collective called Color Film, where they provided in-person workshops and resources to marginalized filmmakers to self-advocate for themselves/ourselves in the film industry. 

She aims to dismantle toxic workplaces and traditions, help abolish white supremacy, and contribute to paving the path for folks like herself to keep thriving and succeeding.