D’arby Rose works as a director, editor, and producer with a focus on music videos, documentaries, genre-bending narratives, as well as creative videos for individuals and entrepreneurs. Clients include Jennifer Carroll Foy & One Vote at a Time, Rachel’s Network, Jill Killington (writer, producer of CBS “The Stand”), Saunders & James, Mala Forever, Junk Gypsy & HGTVBET (Her Awards 2018), Honus Honus (of Man Man), Hazel Rose and more.

D’arby’s passion for film started at age 12, when she began making short films with friends. At 20, D’arby made her way into the industry with a small dose of knowledge and a large amount of passion. Today she explores ways to thrive (and survive the pandemic) as a proud Virgo based in Los Angeles with roots from Oakland, CA and the Bay Area.